About Us

About Expedien

Expedien's Data Strategy Services Unlock the Business Value in Your Data

  • We focus exclusively on Business Intelligence(BI), Big Data(BD) Analytics and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) services.
  • Our Business Value(BV) methodologies BV-EDM™, BV-BI™ and BV-BD™ methodologies align your data strategy with your business goals.
  • Our approach is business centric, tool agnostic and business process oriented.


  • We believe in bringing together the best and brightest talent we can find in the industry, people who are passionate and can bring a diverse skill set to a dynamic team. Our long history, our relationship with our clients, and our stellar track record prove as much. If you're looking for a company that recognizes and rewards individual talent and encourages team success and you are an expert in delivering real business and technology solutions, then you need to look no further.

    We also believe in the constancy of learning. This belief is one of the primary reasons for our success. Our employees keep pace with the rapidly changing industry trends and technology by staying ahead of the learning curve. We provide the tools, information and support you need to expand your knowledge base and continue to grow. We are also proud to have one of the best compensation packages in the industry. The market may fluctuate, but business software and technology continues to evolve and expand every day.

    If you believe Expedien could benefit from your skills and experience, contact our office to check for open positions.

    Please e-mail your resume or inquiries to: careers@expedien.net for open positions.

    Expedien is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer who seeks qualified minority, female, disabled, and veteran applicants. We encourage all applicants to submit their qualifications.

    We provide competitive compensation packages and excellent opportunities for career growth. To attract and retain top talent, we offer employees an environment that promotes balance and quality in their personal and professional lives. When an organization grows and strives to achieve its fullest potential, it also takes ambitious people along with it through the same path of growth. That's exactly what Expedien stands for today.

Employees Testimonials

  • Since joining Expedien in June of 2004, I have truly experienced what it means to be a consultant. In my last seven years, I worked in four very different industries and had an opportunity to understand business drivers of different industry verticals and role of technology in reaching business goals of our clients. Expedien has always provided a mix of knowledge and resources to help me work through challenges. My peers have been supportive no matter how busy they are.
    - Tim
  • In my role as a Lead Consultant, I contribute significantly to both the design and implementation of the projects to which I am assigned. What I have enjoyed most about this role is the variety of problems that I am asked to solve. I especially enjoy that each client engagement is a unique experience through which I am able to see how the choices I make impact and/or evolve based on new and challenging constraints and information. My commitment to Expedien begins with my co-workers. I am continually impressed with the caliber of people that I get to work with at Expedien and find that I am always learning new ways to approach and solve problems.
  • I chose Expedien because I wanted to be a part of an organization that is growing and has strong ongoing growth ambitions is extremely attractive especially when compared to the current flat or decline approaches of many other organizations. Not only am I surrounded by brilliant, friendly, and talented people, but there are so many opportunities for me to grow. I hit the ground running and haven't looked back since I started three and half years ago, truly enjoying every moment and experience I've had here at Expedien.
    – Heather