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Expedien's Data Strategy Services Unlock the Business Value in Your Data

  • We focus exclusively on Business Intelligence(BI), Big Data(BD) Analytics and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) services.
  • Our Business Value(BV) methodologies BV-EDM™, BV-BI™ and BV-BD™ methodologies align your data strategy with your business goals.
  • Our approach is business centric, tool agnostic and business process oriented.

SAP Data Integration, SAP Business Intelligence Solution for a Large Chemical Company

  • The client is an international manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals and fabricated products. The client wanted to gain insight into their key performance indicators and maximize their client and suppliers' satisfaction levels providing timely access to accurate information to its suppliers and customers via the Internet in real time. Expedien built an enterprise business intelligence system and integrated data across SAP, Supply Chain, Transportation Logistics and other legacy systems in real time using SAP Data Services, Cold Fusion, IDocs and XML.

  • Key Challenges

    • The client wanted to maximize their client and suppliers satisfaction levels providing timely access to accurate information to its suppliers and customers on the internet.
    • How to get data out of SAP quickly and do cross functional analysis.
    • Real time synchronization of Purchase orders, Sales orders and Inventory across SAP, the data warehouse, supply chain and other systems.
    • No insight into transportation logistics such as transit, unloading time of Rail Cars etc.
    • Integration of data from SAP, Forecasting and Data Warehouse and data messaging through B2B and B2C portals

    Implementation Highlights

    • Developed a comprehensive data integration, data warehousing strategy and roadmap.
    • Implemented, Integrated and customized SAP RapidMarts.
    • Designed & developed a scalable data integration & data warehouse platform based on Service Oriented Architecture.
    • Developed B2B and B2C portals using XML, SAP I-Docs, SAP Business Objects Data Services, Oracle, ColdFusion for real time communication among SAP, data repository and client interfaces.


    • Greater than 25% increase in the accuracy of inventory and sales forecasts has helped to lower excess inventory costs; automated consolidation of sales data saves considerable time versus manual processes.
    • Greater than 40% savings in transportation cost given the client received real time insight into transit and unloading time of materials by its customers and made appropriate cost adjustments.
    • An integrated single view to business users, sales associates, suppliers and customers of client.
    • Real time information and several analytics reports available across the enterprise without any performance impact of OLTP systems.
    • A scalable Business Intelligence system is available to incorporate current and upcoming future needs seamlessly.

    Expedien Differentiation

    Expedien leveraged its expertise in Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing solutions. SAP, and business Intelligence tools to build an intuitive, scalable and cost effective solution that integrates data across multiple systems in batch and real time modes and reduces decision making cycles.

Our Assurance

Reduce costs, enable new business capabilities and drive continuous process improvements.

  • We believe that for us to succeed in meeting your goals, we must be a strategic business partner providing strategic advice and relying on analytical objectivity and deep domain expertise around a set of value-add consulting services.
  • As a trusted advisor, we bring significant impact to your businesses as a partner in transformational initiatives.
  • As expert implementers, we proactively deliver the benefits of innovation, bringing you the best talent for your needs regardless of where they or you are located.
The Expedien Difference

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