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About Expedien

Expedien's Data Strategy Services Unlock the Business Value in Your Data

  • We focus exclusively on Business Intelligence(BI), Big Data(BD) Analytics and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) services.
  • Our Business Value(BV) methodologies BV-EDM™, BV-BI™ and BV-BD™ methodologies align your data strategy with your business goals.
  • Our approach is business centric, tool agnostic and business process oriented.

Data Integration

  • Failure to Properly Integrate and Reconcile Applications Lessens the Return of an ERP Investment

    A successful information management strategy is one that enables the organization to obtain greater insight into business activity by integrating not only data, but also applications, across the enterprise. Any organization deploying ERP applications will need to build interfaces between the new application and existing applications both internally and externally.

    Expedien's data integration services provide a framework for integrating data from a variety of channels, including legacy applications, operational systems, ERP systems, data warehouses/ data marts, external sources, and web applications. Expedien's Data Integration Framework provides the industry best practice for application interfacing and has been deployed successfully in a number of global organizations. Expedien also provides you with the operating model to ensure ongoing support after go-live. Expedien team works with clients to identify the structures, processes, and tools that are needed to make separate application systems work together to deliver accurate, consistent, and reliable data to the appropriate audiences for timely analysis and decision-making.

    Specifically, we offer expertise in:

    • Extract, transform, and load (ETL)
    • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
    • Enterprise information integration (EII)
    • Data quality

    Why our customers trust our data integration services? Because we do it extremely well. With decades of collective experience, Expedien has been able to package Data Migration solution using best practices to help customers deploy faster and at lower cost by providing integration developers a consistent platform and approach to develop within. Most importantly by developing interfaces in a consistent manner the cost of support post go-live is dramatically lower. Your support organization is not constrained by having to understand different approaches and designs. The ability to respond faster to change requests is an additional benefit.