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Expedien's Data Strategy Services Unlock the Business Value in Your Data

  • We focus exclusively on Business Intelligence(BI), Big Data(BD) Analytics and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) services.
  • Our Business Value(BV) methodologies BV-EDM™, BV-BI™ and BV-BD™ methodologies align your data strategy with your business goals.
  • Our approach is business centric, tool agnostic and business process oriented.

Data Security & Retention

  • Organizations have an obligation to protect sensitive data based on business standards, and legal and privacy requirements.

    Data security initiatives work in concert with enterprise-wide security efforts—including physical security, network security and technology security—to optimize your ability to define, manage and audit security policies across multiple platforms, worldwide.

    Data security processes and technology protect data from unauthorized access, viewing, modification or deletion whether the intent is accidental, intentional, or malicious. Data security must be approached in a pragmatic way as a balance among business requirements, value of assets, impact, threats and vulnerabilities, and likelihood of occurrence. Data security provides the shield against variables that can compromise the integrity of the data, and includes attention to data privacy and data retention policies.

    Data privacy is the legal right and expectation of confidentiality in the collection and sharing of data. It is an evolving area with numerous local and national laws. The organization should closely monitor and control or possibly deny the transfer of data across country borders. Legislation and handling of data privacy in various countries differ significantly and may not be in line with original privacy requirements.

    Data retention policies should follow both legal and business requirements to guarantee safe storage and accessibility, as well as the disposal of withdrawn data during the retention period. Organizations must define the policies and rules they utilize to keep data online, in archives and in backups. Data is generally retained for regulatory and legal reasons as well as for historical analysis via business intelligence.

    Expedien consultants have a deep understanding of how data security fits into the complete picture of a data management and architecture solution.


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