About Expedien

Expedien's Data Strategy Services Unlock the Business Value in Your Data

  • We focus exclusively on Business Intelligence(BI), Big Data(BD) Analytics and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) services.
  • Our Business Value(BV) methodologies BV-EDM™, BV-BI™ and BV-BD™ methodologies align your data strategy with your business goals.
  • Our approach is business centric, tool agnostic and business process oriented.

Case Studies

  • Insurance – Data Quality, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

    A large Health Insurance company had large volumes of data in disparate systems. Query time was in hours. The client needed to build an enterprise data warehouse to produce key performance indicators, and perform impact & cross functional analysis to lower costs and improve efficiency. Expedien enabled the client to use Enterprise Business Intelligence as a strategic tool to win new customers, develop new products and reduce claims processing costs.

    Chemical – SAP Data Integration and Business Intelligence

    A large Chemical company wanted to gain insight into their key performance indicators and maximize their client and suppliers’ satisfaction levels providing timely access to accurate information to its suppliers and customers via the Internet in real time. Expedien built an enterprise business intelligence system and integrated data across SAP, Supply Chain, Transportation Logistics and other legacy systems in real time using SAP Data Services, Cold Fusion, IDocs and XML.

    Health Care – Enterprise Data Management

    One of the largest Health Insurers in the United States needed to have an Enterprise Data Management solution to gain a better insight into their KPIs. They also needed the consolidation and migration of their 50+ year old disparate legacy systems to be configured into a new ERP system. The insurer’s decision to tap the skilled resources, proven tools and methodologies of Expedien’s delivery model resulted in the successful completion of the project and a significant cost saving in their total output.

    Manufacturing – SAP Data Migration, Data Quality and Data Governance

    A large Manufacturing firm needed a method for ongoing data quality sustenance in addition to data migration to SAP. Expedien helped the client manage its master data to create a single version of the truth from disparate systems across the enterprise and provided the jump start solution needed for SAP data migration and data governance.

    Healthcare – Data Quality, Data Integration and Enterprise Data Warehouse

    Faced with a portfolio of incompatible legacy systems that hindered its ability to compete, a major Healthcare provider embarked on a multi-year business transformation program to attain market leadership. Expedien partnered with the client to develop a robust data warehouse, a superior data management capability and a dedicated business intelligence unit that fully supports the client’s business goals such as improving employee productivity, patient care etc.

    Oil & Gas –Business Process Streamlining, Data and SAP Application Integration

    A large Oil & Gas company needed integration between upstream and downstream project systems and the SAP ERP system. The company also needed automation across business processes in order to minimize the need to reconcile across multiple systems. Expedien assisted the client in standardizing the business rules and developing SAP integrated applications utilizing SAP Data Services, Dynpro through a Netweaver client as the user interface, SAP XI and ABAP RFCs.

    Oil & Gas – SAP Data Migration

    A large Utility firm in North America had data management issues related to the acquisition of another large Oil & Gas company. The challenges were not limited to consolidation of data, but also to completely understanding the business value of the data that needed to be migrated from one system to another. Partnering with the client, Expedien identified the data needed, built an SAP data migration roadmap and strategy, and implemented the solution based on its methodology, framework and templates.

    Financial Services – Data Integration, Data Warehouse and BI Analytics

    A Global Financial services company had challenges in reconciliation of data from more than 25 source systems to their General Ledger. Working with the client’s team, Expedien designed and implemented a data integration & analytics solution that resulted in increased productivity and better ROI.

    Manufacturing – SAP Rapid Marts, Data warehousing and BI

    A Fortune 50 Manufacturing and Aerospace company implemented a data warehouse solution using multiple SAP RapidMarts. Poor performance, lack of scalability and integration, and lack of availability of updated data in their data warehouse were some of the client’s key challenges. Expedien executed extensive performance tuning of all SAP RapidMarts and developed a scalable global data warehouse platform that met the client’s current and upcoming reporting needs.

    Insurance – Enterprise Performance Management

    A Fortune 10 Insurance firm needed to build executive dashboards to do customer and campaign analytics, risk analytics and claim analytics. Partnering with the client’s business team, Expedien built the Enterprise Performance Management solution that produced key business performance indicators as well as the ability to do cross functional analysis resulting in significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

    Manufacturing – Oracle E-Business Data Migration and Data Integration

    A large Manufacturing and Drilling firm needed to integrate the data from various systems and do the data conversion from various source systems to Oracle E-Business suite. Poor data quality across multiple systems was a big challenge. Teaming with the client, Expedien completed the data conversion & integration a full 25 days ahead of schedule and 129 person-days under budget.

    Insurance – Data Quality

    A Fortune 50 Insurer had the challenge of poor customer data residing in a variety of legacy systems. Expedien provided a successful data quality solution and established an enterprise view of customers that resulted in a $40,000 reduction in monthly mailing costs, a keen understanding of customer needs to position new financial services products, and improved customer service.


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