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Build an ROI-based business case for your big data project

By Jiten Kumar, CEO

Big Data Analytics are increasingly essential to gaining competitive advantage. But, where do you start?

Intelligently analyzing more data results in better business decisions. Right? “So, I should just dig in and do it,” you tell yourself. Right? Well, not necessarily. As the volume of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data accelerates, you should start by answering a few business-oriented questions:

  • Where, when and how do I make big data a strategic advantage?
  • Which of my business processes will benefit the most from big data analytics?
  • After you make those strategic business driven data strategy questions, then you ask the technical and project questions:

  • How will I deal with large and rapidly growing data volumes and poor performance?

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The curmudgeon contrarian view:

Is Big Data an Economic Big Dud?

By JAMES GLANZ - New York Times

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Product HIghlight:

SAP Data Services 4.2 – What’s New

By Donatas Budrys

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Partner Highlight:


SAP HANA and Hadoop in the Cloud: Big Data At The Globe and Mail

Posting by SAP Innovation Analyst Timo Elliott

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Analyst Highlight:


Building Blocks for a Successful Master Data Management Plan

Saul Judah , Research Director, Gartner

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Customer Highlight:


Pharma: Improving Data Quality at Bio-Rad: A Business-Focused Approach

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Data Integration Highlights:


Master Data Management is both a business strategy and a technical solution

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Data Quality is a MUST consideration before moving to In-memory database solution such as HANA

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